Flash Flood In Belgian Street Goes Crazy In Few Seconds

The web has been surrounded by a video from Belgium these days, in which we can see how quickly a street can turn into a raging river during the heavy rain.

The cameraman first filmed an empty street, which in a matter of seconds became a temporary stream for excess water that carried cars with it.

The scene, which was recorded on a mobile phone last Saturday, is reminiscent of a real horror movie. Due to heavy rains in Belgium, one of the streets turned into torrential water, which caused a lot of damage. The heavily raised water carried away even cars.

Only a few seconds passed during the scene as the drivers were still driving up the road and then soon felt the raw power of the rushing water.

See how quickly the conditions on the roads can change during heavy rains. If we come across such scenes ourselves, it is necessary to leave the vehicle and find shelter in a safe place.
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