Florida Man Refuses To Wear A Mask, Tries Fighting Past Walmart Employee

A video from Florida rounded up online in which we can see a pure drama.

There are still strict rules on the use of protective masks indoors, but not all visitors follow the rules. Among them is an elderly shopper who tried to enter the store without a mask.

A man without a protective mask on his face was trying to enter a Walmart store in Florida when he was warned about the mandatory use of the mask by a Walmart employee there. Despite the warnings, the older man did not let himself be disturbed and tried to enter the store by force.

He had an argument with an employee, and at one point he lost the ground under his feet. The employee was still trying to prevent him from walking into the store, as he did not follow the written rules.

Watch a video from Florida when a customer lost his temper before entering a Walmart store. Would he deserve a penalty for not following the rules?
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