Footage From Delhi, India Shows Moment When Huge Tornado Hits City

These days Delhi and the surrounding areas of India have experienced heavy rains along with hail. Before this, in the city there was no rain for two weeks, but now the local people have experienced a real shock.

A terrifying scenario was also witnessed in the east of India in the city of Faridabad, where a mighty tornado struck the city.

At least 10 years have passed since the city of Delhi has been hit by such powerful hail, warn meteorologists. The worst "weather lesson" was experienced by residents in Faridabad, where a huge tornado was formed.

Many buildings were damaged there, and many ruins and trees landed on the roads.

Many videos have landed on the web, which testify to how big tornado hit the city. While watching the video, for many people breath stopped, but real drama was witnessed only by the inhabitants who experienced all together in live.

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