Footage Of A Moment Airplane Crashed On Florida Highway

Last week, a small plane crashed on Interstate 75 near Naples, Florida.

These days, a video has gone viral on the Internet, where we can watch the moment of a terrible plane crash in which two people lost their lives.

There were five passengers and crew members on the Bombardier Challenger 604 at the time of the accident - two people lost their lives in the crash. One person in the car was seriously injured, while three passengers on the plane survived the accident unharmed.

Daily Mail, YouTube
These days, a video has landed on the Internet, in which we can watch the moment when the plane crashed on the highway. The scene was recorded by a dashcam in one of the trucks.

Footage of the plane crash:

The video reveals the moment of the crash - first the plane landed on the highway and hit one of the vehicles, and soon after it crashed into a concrete fence and exploded. Before the accident, the pilot reported that the plane had lost power on both engines.

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