Fox From Berlin Steals Shoes: They Found It More Than 100 Inside Its Den

From the German city of Berlin comes a story and a video about a fox who chose shoes for its prey.

It has stole more than 100 of them around the city, and many residents of the Zehlendorf neighborhood in southwest Berlin report that their shoes have started to disappear.

Slippers, sandals and other footwear were disappearing from the residents, but they soon found out that the culprit was a curious fox. One of the residents caught a fox when it had a pair of blue flip-flops in its mouth.

He followed the fox and later found about 100 shoes in its den. He also found his running shoes in the den, and some other shoe owners claimed their shoes after the resident posted photo online.

See how cunning the fox from Berlin is, who skillfully stole the shoes of the locals.
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