French Bulldog's Zoomies Take Care For His Fall Into A Pool

One of the hits on the Internet is also a video where we can follow the joy of a dog by the pool.

The owner filmed his rampage, and then captured on her mobile phone the moment when the dog fell into the water due to the slippery floor.

The video clip is already a hit on the YouTube network, where it has reached more than 300,000 views to date. Judging by the reactions, the puppy provided a dose of laughter with his actions.

The owners filmed the scene in the city of Fronteira, Brazil, and in the video, we can follow a French Bulldog named George when he fell into the water due to too much excitement.

Check out the awkwardness of a French Bulldog from Brazil, who made many animal lovers laugh online. Will his failed venture make you laugh too?
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