Fuel Tanker Fire Engulfs Highway In Raytown, Missouri

When there is a fire on vehicles, the fire can spread very quickly and cause a real disaster.

In the case of fire engulfing trucks carrying flammable liquids, the recipe for disaster is already written. This is evidenced by the video clip that has landed online these days!

In the city of Raytown, Missouri, a fuel tanker started to burn on a highway truck. At first the fire was small, but then the whole situation got worse in just a few minutes.

The fire immediately engulfed the tanker, and the fire could not be extinguished even by firefighters who quickly arrived at the scene.

Within a few minutes, a huge fire was already reacing high into the air, and many observers struggled to keep up. Even the cameraman described the whole scene as a real hell in which the temperature was unbearable!
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