Galah Bird Wants To Be Just Like His Human Mom

Another cute video landed online last year, in which the owner of the cockatoo captured a number of bird scenes that impressed many animal lovers.

The parrot follows her every step of the way, and their game is really something special.

The Australian cockatoo is the most common species of cockatoo, and the export of these birds is banned in Australia. A pair of cockatoos stay together throughout their lives and care for the pups that hatch from the eggs after 25 days. It is a very intelligent bird that likes to imitate movements, speech and sounds from the environment.

Bogie the cockatoo in the video is also very intelligent, which imitates his owner in many tasks.

He prefers to sing and dance with her, and often indulges in her pampering. When you see this beautiful video with a cockatoo, you will be thrilled with the scenes yourself.
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