Genius Dad Ends His Daughters' Tantrums By Telling Them They Have To Take Turns Crying

Do you still remember the Dad from California, who circled the world with his advice these days? In front of the camera he showed how to stop the kids from crying.

Now he once again showed his advice in practice, and impressed many parents with the footage!

The father from California has uploaded the first video on the web few days ago. When his daughter cried, he immediately told her that it is his turn now.

WATCH: California Father Shows Simple Trick How To Stop Kids From Crying

A genius dad performed a dramatic crying, then gave his daughter the initiative to continue. She obviously forgot all the problems, because she did not want to cry anymore.

In order for her dad to prove that his advice was really useful, he soon shared the second video on the web. This time, he tried his technique with both of his two kids, and once again he impressed and laughed many again!
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