Gentle German Shepherd Naps With Sweet Newborn Ducklings

At the end of 2020, the web was surrounded by a sympathetic scene filmed by the owners of a German shepherd named Thorin.

This one has very special animal friends - he fell in love with ducklings, which were just getting on well with the world.

The German Shepherd Thorin, who can be seen in the video, forged a very special friendship with the little ducklings. His owners wrote in a video that he fell in love with ducklings soon after they were born.

They filmed a scene before Thorin fell asleep in the embrace of little ducks. Their afternoon rest has taken over many animal lovers online.

The video is without a doubt just another proof that friendship can also exist in different species of animals. Take a look at the scene where German Shepherd Thorin took a break in the embrace of little ducklings.
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