German Shepherd Protects Schnauzer From A Dalmatian

The video from the dog park, where the dogs were filmed during the game, gained a lot of views online.

However, problems can also arise quickly during the play - this is exactly what happened in the video, when a Dalmatian attacked a smaller dog in anger.

The author of the video points out that this is uploaded online only as a display of dog behavior among other dogs in a park. During the play, the tension between some of the dogs escalated, and the Dalmatian attacked a small Schnauzer at one point.

As soon as the Dalmatian shown his teeth, a German Shepherd stepped in to defend the Schnauzer. He made it clear to the Dalmatian that there would be no fight in the park, and the video has recorded almost 2 million views on the YouTube network to date.

Watch a scene from a dog park when a German Shepherd with authority stopped a fight and arranged a lesson for a Dalmatian.
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