Girl Falls In Icy Cold Water As She Prods Frozen Pool With Shovel

On cold winter days, many lakes freeze, as well as the pools that the owners place in front of the house.

This was also the case in the video in front of you, in which a girl took care of a dose of laughter, checking with a shovel how thick the ice in their pool was.

A video has landed on the YouTube network, which has garnered more than a quarter of a million views to date. A dose of laughter was provided by the girl as she checked with a shovel in her hands how solid the ice in the pool was.

At first, everything went according to plan - she slowly broke the ice, but soon made a big mistake. She stepped on the ice sheet, and the ice broke under her weight. She ended in the pool, and even a dog came to her aid.

Take a look at a cute scene where a girl fell into an ice-cold pool. Another reason why it's not wise to step on the ice in the pool!
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