Goalkeeper Misses A Kick And Concedes An Awfully Embarrassing Own Goal

Even in the world of professional sports, athletes sometimes make big mistakes.

One of the mistakes was taken care of by the goalkeeper of the football team from Haiti these days, when they competed against Canada in the World Cup qualifiers.

Goalkeeper Josue Duverger, defending his team's goal from Haiti, made such a big mistake at the start of the second half that the video immediately rounded up online. Many are convinced that the said goalkeeper took care of the most banal goal.

After a pass from a teammate, he received the ball poorly for the first time and missed it, then he had enough time to correct his mistake. Unfortunately, fate wanted him to miss the ball in the second attempt as well - it landed in the net, and the Canadians were looking forward to the first goal of the match.

Look at what a banal mistake the Haitian goalkeeper made when he missed the ball twice after a pass from his teammate.
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