Goldendoodle Puppy Gives Her Pet Dad Kisses On A Ring Cam

A video has landed online in which we can follow a cute scene filmed by a camera in the apartment.

The owner called his puppy via camera, and she took over many animal lovers online with a sympathetic response.

The puppy named Bella was surprised to hear the voice of her owner from the camera. Even though she didn't see him anywhere in the room, she took over many online users with her response.

Her owner Scott checked what his six-month-old dog Bella, a goldendoodle breed, was doing in the apartment via Ring's internal camera. The pet soon realized that the owner's voice was coming from the camera, followed by kisses and sincere joy.

The video is already a real success online - it has reached more than 360,000 views on the YouTube network alone to date, and the sympathetic scenes will surely impress you as well. See how puppy Bella reacted when her owner called her via a surveillance camera.
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