Grizzly Bear Catches And Kills Caribou

These days, a video has spread again online where we can follow a grizzly bear as it catches a small caribou in front of the cameraman's eyes.

The video of the raw power of the bear is already a real success on YouTube, and the scenes have brought the world of wilderness closer to many viewers.

In the video, a young grizzly bear ran with all his might across the meadow to get his lunch. His target was a young caribou, which had no real chance of escape from the fast bear. His life ended while swimming in shallow water.

There, the bear killed the caribou, then prevented the other bears from getting to his catch. The video is already a real success on YouTube - it has already reached 7 million views to date.

Take a look at the amazing scene from nature, where we can follow the grizzly bear as he set out on a relentless hunt for a small reindeer, which had no chance of survival against the beast.
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