Groundhog Brings His Son To Visit His Human Best Friend

The web is surrounded by a video in which we can follow a cute groundhog who visits one of the homes every day.

When the author of the video first saw him at the door, she did not even imagine that such a friendly bond would develop between them.

The groundhog, named Cutie by the author of the video, visits her home every morning as he craves food and pampering. Even though Cutie is a wild animal, by his actions he proves that good friendships are also possible between humans and wild animals.

He has been visiting her home every morning for the past four years, and two years ago he even introduced her to his family. Many animal lovers online are thrilled with the scenes.

Check out a sympathetic video of the friendly groundhog, which has garnered more than 1.7 million views on the YouTube network in just a few days. Will the groundhog enchant you with his image?
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