Guy Gets Waxed During Hilarious Jetski Wax Prank

One of the hits online is a video in which the boys pranked their friend when he fell asleep on the beach.

They provided him with free, but very painful depilation, and they did not spare their innovation in the prank.

The video of the prank with painful hair removal is already a big hit online - in a few days it reached almost 100 million views on the YouTube network alone. Many commentators pointed out that it was in all probability a staged prank, but the victim still felt a lot of pain.

The boys honestly pranked their friend who took a break by the sea - his body was coated with glue, covered with a towel, and the towel tied to a water scooter with a rope.

Judging by the man's response, the outcome was quite painful, but at the end he laughed at his friends' prank. Depilation was free for him, but quite painful. Look at the prank in which the boys honestly pranked their friend.
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