Guy Goes On A Roller Coaster, Catches Another Rider's Phone At 134 Kph

The internet has been surrounded by a new video these days, in which a young man made a real euphoria around the world with his move at an amusement park.

As he sat on the roller coaster with his girlfriend, the camera captured the moment he caught a cellphone in the air.

The guy in the video visited the Port Aventura Amusement Park in Spain and sat on one of the roller coasters there. The ride began, but soon a real drama ensued - the cellphone of another rider on the roller coaster fell out of his pocket, and the guy in the recording managed to grab the phone with his hands.

It was an iPhone X mobile phone, priced at just under a thousand dollars.

The roller coaster was moving at a speed of more than 130 kph (80 mph), and until recently, this roller coaster was considered the tallest and fastest. Look what a great move a young man has made on the roller coaster these days!
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