Guy Performs Song On A Piano, His Girlfriend Steals Whole Attention

AJ Rafael is a nice guy who has a lot of followers on the social network TikTok. He is also very active on other networks - he is followed by more than a million subscribers on YouTube alone.

At the end of last year, he posted a video on the TikTok network, which instantly became an online hit.

Rafael disturbed his girlfriend while working from home by playing the piano and starting to sing. He filmed the whole scene on camera, and with the act he wanted to make sure if his girlfriend would join him despite the work. Shortly after he started playing and singing the song 'Reflection' from the Disney movie Mulan, his girlfriend joined the show. Well, in fact, she took care of the show.

Her beautiful voice quickly circled the social network TikTok, and to date, the video has surpassed 10 million views there alone. The video has more than a million views on the YouTube network too.

See how the Rafael's girlfriend in the video indulged in singing right at work when he performed a Disney's song hit on the piano. This woman really has awesome singing talent!
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