Hamster Stuffs Carrots Into Her Cheeks

These days, a video has gone viral online, where we can follow a hamster during a very special feat.

She stuffed as many as nine small carrots into the mouth, and judging by the reactions, she impressed many animal lovers online.

The video clip is already a real hit on the YouTube network, where it has reached almost 200,000 views to date. The hamster's feat is without a doubt a real attraction online.

A hamster named Hamantha Mari, who lives with her owner in the city of Cincinnati in the US state of Ohio, is a big fan of carrots. Because she always keeps a supply, the owner filmed a scene a few days ago when the hamster hid as many as nine small carrots in her mouth.

Watch a cute video where a hamster hiding a carrot in her mouth stole all the attention with her actions. Will she also impress you with her feat?
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