Handglider Pilot Experiences Shock, Flight Almost Kills Him

A year ago, a video landed online in which a handglider pilot experienced a real horror.

The safety rope loosened during the flight, and the pilot managed to grab on the handlebars with his hands to prevent the fall.

At the end of 2019, a YouTube user posing online with the nickname D-Garck posted a video of the past horror on his channel. While flying a handglider, the safety rope of the sag came loose and the pilot could fall to the ground.

Luckily, he caught himself for the handlebars of a handglider, and soon after, crashed onto the beach at high speed. The pilot wrote in the video that he did not see anything, as a visor fell over his eyes during the fight for life.

The real luck in the accident is that the pilot survived it all with just a few abrasions and bumps. Take a look at the drama in the air captured by a camera mounted on the handglider.
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