Helicopter Pilot Shows Off Incredible Control During Mountainside Rescue

A video clip from the French Alps near the Anterne Pass, located not far from the French city of Chamonix, has came online these days. A group of skiers experienced an accident in the snowfall, and one of them suffered a knee injury.

A mountain rescue team was called for help, and the helicopter pilot surrounded the whole world with his landing.

Rescue was only possible with the aid of a helicopter, as the accident took place at an altitude of 2,000 meters and the location was inaccessible by foot.

In the first video that landed on the web, a helicopter can be seen, which landed very close to the snowy wall, and the helicopter pilot was able to hold the rotor just a few inches away from the slope.

According to him, such maneuvers are constant, as they can lean on landing skis on a steep slope to keep a stable flight.

The helicopter first landed the rescuers who prepared a 19-year-old with a broken leg for the flight, and the pilot picked up the rescuers in the second maneuver and drove everyone to the valley.

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