Helicopter Video Shows Total Mass Destruction Of Bahamas From Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian has claimed at least seven casualties in the Bahamas so far, but authorities fear the number will increase significantly. The search for survivors is underway, and many residents of the island have organized rescue teams themselves.

Now, Hurricane Dorian is approaching the coast of Florida and Georgie, but its path still remains unknown.

Parts of the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas have been completely destroyed by Hurricane Dorian, and local authorities fear the death toll will continue to increase. Many homes and other buildings have been destroyed and the area around the airport looks like a large lake. Hurricane Dorian damaged more than 60% homes and many residents are still missing.

Hurricane Dorian has moved away from the Bahamas - now it is moving parallel with the Florida coast. It has weakened into a second category hurricane, but winds are still gusting at 105 mph (170 kph).

The web today was surrounded by a horrifying aerial video in which we can see the catastrophe witnessed in the Bahamas. Look at the damage done by Hurricane Dorian on the Abaco Islands!
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