Heroic Man Risks His Life To Save A Calf From A Choppy River

These days, the web has been surrounded by unusual scenes from India where a man risked his life to come to the aid of a helpless calf.

The calf fell into a raging river, and the animal could no longer save itself.

The scene was filmed in northeastern India on October 4 this year, but the video has landed online in recent days. The calf fell into the Manipur River, and one of the observers bravely impressed many with his heroic act.

Without hesitation, he came to the calf's aid, and while sliding down the river channel, he ended up in the rushing water himself.

Another person came to the man's aid, and together they managed to save the helpless calf from drowning. Another proof that there are still good people around the world who would come to the aid of trapped animals at any cost.
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