Homeless Man Gives A Stranger His Last Two Bucks

One of the hits online is also a video in which we can follow the wonderful gesture of a homeless man.

He gave the last two dollars to a complete stranger, and his kindness was soon repaid.

The video, which was published on YouTube these days, is already a real success - it has reached more than a million views to date, and many web users are enthusiastic about the wonderful act of the homeless man.

The author of the video first asked the homeless man for help - under the pretext that he had forgotten his wallet at home, he asked the homeless man for money, and the homeless man came to his aid without hesitation.

In the end, the homeless man's kindness was rewarded as the man gave $500 to him, and the wonderful gesture impressed many viewers. Take a look at the video, which is already a real hit online these days.
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