Homeowner Roasts Neighbor For Letting Her Dog Poop On His Property

A video has landed online last year where we can follow a real hilarious lesson.

One woman was walking a dog on a foreign estate, and the owner of the house was not impressed by the fact that the dog was pooping on his land.

The video, in which the owner of the house gave a lesson to the owner of the dog, is already a real success online - it has reached more than 150,000 views on YouTube alone so far, and online commentators have laughed heartily at the scene.

Since the owner of the house had enough of the dogs on his plot pooping, he introduced one of the dog owners to an instructive lesson. With a megaphone, he let her know to pick up the dog's poop, and the whole scene was captured by a surveillance camera.

Watch a video in which the owner gave a lesson to a woman who did not pick up dog poop on his plot. Did the house owner do the right thing?
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