Horse Comforts Her Owner When She Gets Upset

One of the hits online is also a video in which we can follow a touching scene with horses and their owner.

Because the woman in the video was sad, a horse came to her consolation, which moved many animal lovers to tears.

People began to domesticate horses as early as around 4000 BC, and horses have historically been considered working and noble animals. They are fast animals that have a very well-developed sense of balance and a strong response to fighting and running. Horses are herbivores, but they are not ruminants, like cattle and sheep, although they have a similar diet.

At the same time, horses are also considered to be very loving animals, as evidenced by the video in front of you. As the woman was sad, one of the horses quickly offered her comfort.

Watch a touching video where we can once again see what extraordinary creatures horses are. Will the scene touch your heart as well?
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