Horse's Hilarious Moment With Jockey

From Ireland comes a video in which the 25-year-old jockey captured a really cute scene with his horse.

He took a selfie with a horse in the barn, which made many animal lovers online with his next move.

The video, which was made in the city of Kilkenny in Ireland, has already made many online users laugh, judging by the responses. It is already a real success on social networks, and you will no doubt laugh at the horse's hilarious move.

When the 25-year-old rider took a selfie in front of the horse, he first stretched out his tongue, and the horse mimicked his move. The scene is considered by many to be a pure dose of laughter.

Watch a cute video from Ireland in which all the attention of a 25-year-old rider was stolen by a horse. Will he make you laugh with his feat too?
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