Huge Bear Rests In Children's Pool In Virginia

A video posted online by Regina Keller is coming from the US state of Virginia.

While waiting for her grandchildren to arrive, she saw an unusual scene in the children's pool, which she had to record on her mobile phone.

In the middle of a hot day, an adult black bear indulged in cooling off and resting in the children's pool. According to the author of the video, the bear rested there for about an hour, and then he was frightened by the voices of Regina's grandchildren, who came to visit their grandmother.

Regina lives in a house not far from the forest, and there are no other houses in the area. That is why she often witnesses such and similar scenes when forest animals come near her home. In addition to bears, she is also visited by deer, foxes and squirrels.

The video of a bear enjoying a children's pool is already a real hit online. See how the black bear cooled down on a hot summer day.

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