Huge Brown Bear Enters 7-Eleven Store To Eat Candy Bars

A video comes from the village of Olympic Valley, California, in which we can follow the moment when a bear entered the store.

It did not pay attention to the orders of the employee, and started to eat sweets and other treats in the store.

The video, which landed on the Internet in the past few days, is already a real hit - on YouTube alone, it has reached almost 200,000 views to date, and many Internet users were left speechless by what the bear was doing.

Salesman Christopher Kinson, 54, was working the night shift when the brown bear entered through the open door. Despite the loud orders, the bear continued its march through the store, stealing candy and food.

Watch the unusual scene from the village of Olympic Valley, California, when a bear entered the store and ate some treats. How would you react if you were the employee?
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