Huge Explosion At Chinese Chemical Facility

The Internet has been surrounded by video footage from China, in which we can follow the consequences of an explosion in a chemical factory.

After the explosion, thick black smoke spread into the air, and the authorities had to evacuate the surrounding residents.

A large-scale explosion occurred at a factory owned by Jiangxi QianTai New Materials, which is involved in the production of silicon oil, in the city of Guishi in southeast China's Zhangxi province around noon yesterday.

In the footage that landed on social networks, we can follow the scene with a huge cloud of black smoke and rescuers who arrived at the scene of the incident. Unofficially, the cause of the explosion was a silicone oil fire, but the authorities are still investigating the causes of the explosion.

Chinese media have not reported any injuries, and firefighters have already managed to bring the fire under control. Watch the terrifying scene from China where we can follow the aftermath of an explosion in a chemical factory.
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