Huge Floods In Turkey, Home Swept Away By Rushing River

In northeastern Turkey, many residents have witnessed the relentless power of nature in recent days.

Heavy rains have flooded many towns in the provinces of Rize and Artvin with rising water, destroying many homes.

According to the latest unofficial data, no deaths were reported from Turkey, but two people were injured in the past weather disaster. The web was flooded with horrifying videos - in one of them, raging water swept away an entire house.

A house swept away by rushing river in Turkey:

Many residents are still being rescued, and few smaller villages have been cut off from the world due to rising water and landslides. At least 200 people had to leave their homes during the evacuation.

The floods were witnessed in Turkey already in the last week, when 6 people lost their lives. Take a look at the gruesome scenes from northeastern Turkey, which has once again been hit by massive floods.

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