Improperly Loaded Trailer Sends Pickup Truck For A Spin

If we are going to load the trailer, we have to do it the right way.

Otherwise, we could have an accident at a higher speed - this is exactly what happened to the driver in the video that landed online a few days ago.

YouTube user Thomas Penafiel posted a video online from his vehicle in November when he witnessed an unusual accident while driving on the highway. He was overtaken by a driver with a trailer on which a small tractor was loaded.

Unfortunately, the tractor was not loaded correctly on the trailer, as the center of gravity was at the very end of the trailer. At higher speed on the highway, the trailer began to lean, and the driver soon lost control of the vehicle.

What to do if you come across a similar scene while driving a trailer? Do not brake with the vehicle, just release the throttle and try to reduce the speed. However the best way to avoid such a scene is without a doubt to load the things onto the trailer correctly.
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