Injured Dog Found By Highway Sprints To His New Family

The web has been surrounded by a video these days in which good people took an abandoned dog under their roof.

He was found along the highway and his eye was badly injured.

The dog slept or rested all the time, and for several days showed no real progress. The new owner took care of him and bandaged his injured eye several times a day, but the dog was tired all the time due to the medication.

Soon, however, the dog got company - the new owner merged him with the dog Ruby, who had a strong influence on the progress of the rescued dog. Namely, she played with him, the rescued dog even lent her his toys several times.

When you see the progress of a rescued dog that had a severely injured eye, you will be thrilled with the end result yourself. Thanks to the good people who take care of the abandoned animals in need.
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