Jesper Hellstrom's Triple Jump Goes Wrong On European Athletics Championships

At the previous European Athletics Championships 2022, which took place in Munich, Germany, we could see an unfortunate attempt by a Swedish athlete in the triple jump discipline.

He made many viewers laugh with his jump, and there is no lack of good will even among internet users who watched the video.

The Swedish athlete Jesper Hellström made many laugh in the final of the European triple jump in Germany when he took care of a completely unfortunate attempt. Many sports connoisseurs wrote on the recording that they had not witnessed such an unsuccessful attempt in many years.

When jumping, he misbalanced his step, and with an unsuccessful attempt, he wasted the opportunity for a good result. He landed on his back in the sand, and after he made a mistake, the 27-year-old Swedish athlete just laughed at his awkwardness.

Watch Swedish athlete Jesper Hellström's most unusual triple jump attempt to end the 2022 European Athletics Championships in Germany with embarrassment.
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