Karen Attacks Black Woman, Has Meltdown After Realizing She's Being Recorded

That human stupidity knows no bounds is also proven by a video from the USA, in which we can follow a woman's attack on a black camerawoman.

The attacker played the victim immediately after the attack, as she noticed that a black woman was filming her.

After the dispute, the woman attacked the black camerawoman in the store, and immediately afterwards burst into tears and explained to everyone that the black woman had attacked her. This was not really the case, as she started the physical attack on her own.

Employees called security guards for help, and they reported the incident to police officers, who arrived at the store shortly afterwards. The whole event has triggered a storm of reactions online, and the videos already have millions of views.

Take a look at the unfolding of a white woman's attack on a black camerawoman who raised a lot of dust online. If we had not seen such scenes, we would certainly not believed.

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