Klek Entos Scares The AGT Judges With Chilling Magic

At the last audition of the show America's Got Talent, a magician who presents himself as Klek Entos in the world of illusion also showed his exceptional talent.

He is a masked man who frightened all the judges with his image and then blew them away with his performance.

The magician, who performed on the American talent with a mask over his face, horrified all the judges with his performance as soon as he arrived on stage. He didn't say a word, then played a tape of his speech.

Soon after, he shocked the judges of the America's Got Talent show with a huge live spider, and at the end he created an unusual illusion in which the spider disappeared from his hands.

Take a look at the unusual audition performance from the show America's Got Talent, in which a magician named Klek Entos shocked the judges. Is it clear to anyone how he managed to perform such an exceptional act?!
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