Koala Rescued From Kangaroo Island Home Destroyed By Australia Bushfires

Another moving video from Australia surrounded the internet as good people rescued a helpless koala on Kangaroo Island near the city of Adelaide in southern Australia.

It lost its home and family in a fire, and rescuers' action again impressed many web users.

The video shows a koala helplessly waiting for help after the fire. It was found by good people who were extinguishing fires on the island, and the innocent image of a koala struck many online users straight in the emotions.

Australia's wild fires have been running for months now, killing more than 500 million wildlife, according to recent reports.

There are also many kangaroos and koalas among all the animals killed - only during the recent wildfires the Australian koalas population expected to decline by one-third. Watch the scene when good people rescued a poor koala on Kangaroo Island in Australia and took it to safety.
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