Kristen Cruz Surprises The AGT 2022 Judges With Her Unbelievable Voice

At the last audition for the America's Got Talent 2022 show, 19-year-old Kristen Cruz also performed, impressing all the judges with her wonderful singing performance.

Many viewers were also impressed by her singing performance, and the video is already a real success online.

The singing performance, prepared by 19-year-old Kristen Cruz on the AGT 2022 show, is already a real success online - it has reached more than 600,000 views on YouTube alone.

Kristen auditioned for the hit song "I See Red", originally performed by the music group Everybody Loves An Outlaw. The judges did not hide their enthusiasm over the singing performance, and the spectators gave a standing ovation to the contestants at the end.

Listen to a wonderful singing performance from the America's Got Talent 2022 show, in which barely 19-year-old Kristen Cruz showed off her singing talent. Will her performance impress you too?
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