Large Tornado Swirls Through Nekoma, Kansas

Yesterday, residents of the southwest of the American state of Kansas witnessed intense weather events.

Between the cities of Ruch Center and Lacrosse, a huge tornado was filmed, which sent fear into the bones of many locals with its image.

According to observers, the large tornado lasted only a few minutes, but with its powerful image it attracted the attention of many. Namely, it developed in the field, and when it swirled, it lifted a large amount of soil into the air.

Tornado in the state of Kansas:

In the vicinity of the tornado, the storm also produced large hail - according to the latest reports, the tornado did not cause major material damage, and there were no injuries.

Take a look at the amazing video from the American state of Kansas, where they recorded the rampage of a large tornado yesterday. Without a doubt, further proof of the inexorable power of Mother Nature.

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