Lions Attack Crocodile Walking On Their Land

Animals from the wild are repeatedly witness to battles, which can also end tragically for them.

The world is merciless, and the law of survival forces all kinds of animals into merciless fights. A video of lions attacking a crocodile has gone viral online.

The video, which landed on the Internet last week, is already a real hit - it has reached almost 600,000 views on YouTube alone, and many Internet users were left speechless by the scenes.

A group of lions attacked a crocodile in Namibia's Waterberg National Park when it entered their territory. The fight was merciless, but in the end the crocodile managed to retreat to safety.

Watch an incredible scene from the wilderness where we can watch a fierce fight between lions and a crocodile, which was not welcome in their company. You don't see such a scene every day!
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