Little 5-Year-Old Girl Playing With 14 German Shepherds

Years ago, a wonderful video appeared on the Internet, in which we can watch a five-year-old girl playing alone with 14 German Shepherds.

The video clip is already a real hit on the Internet, and you yourself will be impressed by the cute game between the girl and the dogs.

The video they published on the YouTube network is already a hit there - to date, it has reached more than 16 million views, and the scene touched many animal lovers around the world.

We can follow the moment in the city of Finika, Norway, when a 5-year-old girl named Pernille had fun and played with German Shepherds. The author wrote next to the video that the scene is proof of how friendly and harmless German Shepherds can be.

Watch a cute video where we can follow a little girl as she played with 14 German Shepherds. Will the video inspire you too?
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