Little Boy Can't Resist Laughing While Teacher Sings A Song

If you want to have a better day, then you've come to the right place. Down below is a video clip from a children's classroom where one of the toddlers stole all the attention.

Singing and playing of the teacher made him laugh so much that with his contagious laugh, he quickly "infected" every viewer!

Many agree that there is no better cure than the laughter of children, as this brings happiness everywhere in the world. In the video in front of you, a toddler listened intently and participated in the singing of a teacher as she tackled the children's song "Clap Your Hands Together" by Sarah Shonfeld.

Each time, the toddler laughed out an infectious laugh that brought goodwill to all corners of the World. Even to our country!

Feel free to share this sweet scene with friends so that they themselves will receive a dose of laughter and goodwill. Will a toddler with his unique laugh take over you too? Listen and enjoy this child's playfulness!
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