Little Boy's Baptism Goes Hilariously Wrong

Years ago, a video appeared on YouTube showing a funny scene in a church.

There, during the boy's baptism, the priest ran into problems, because the baptized boy did not want to immerse himself in the holy water at any cost.

The video, which was published years ago on the YouTube network, is already a real hit there - on the mentioned network alone, it has reached hundreds of thousands of views to date, and judging by the reactions, it made many internet users laugh.

During the baptism, the priest had to immerse one of the boys in holy water, while the boy resisted at all cost. In the end, the priest succeeded, and the scene made many people present in the church laugh.

Watch a funny video where we can follow the scene during the baptism in the church, when the whole ritual did not go completely according to plan. Will the boy make you laugh with his rebellion?
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