Little Girl With No Friends Takes Care For 180 Animals

In January, a video circulated online showing the beautiful bond between a 9-year-old girl and the 180 animals she cares for at the zoo.

The video comes from Japan, and to date has reached over 800,000 views on the YouTube network alone.

Awaji Monkey Center is an animal park in Sumoto, Japan, in which 9-year-old Nobuhara Saki looks after monkeys everyday. She has been present in the park since she was one year old, and she has developed an extraordinary bond with animals.

The web was surrounded by a cute video in which little Nobuhara showed off her skills in working with monkeys. Animals always return her love in different ways!

Take a look at beautiful scenes from Japan, where we can watch the adventures of today 9-year-old Nobuhara, who found her friends in monkeys. Undoubtedly a clip that brings a sincere smile to your face!
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