Lost, Newborn Fawn Approaches Little Girl, Outcome Will Make Your Day

Some people have a special sense of animals, and among them is probably the girl Maya.

A video landed online years ago when her parents filmed a very special encounter with a lost fawn.

5-year-old girl Maya was returning from a trip with her family when something special happened. One little fawn crossed the property and then approached the little girl without fear. When the fawn approached her completely, it even let itself to be petted.

Maya's parents soon found out that the fawn was lost, so the whole family took a walk to the nearby forest. The fawn followed them, and then found a place to rest in the woods.

The family also wrote in the video that after a few days they saw two adult deer with two fawns - they are convinced that one of the fawns was the one who came near the girl Maya.
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