Lost Siberian Husky Reunited With Her Owners 240 Miles Away From Home

Months ago, a touching video appeared on the Internet, in which we can watch the reunion between a lost dog and her owners.

The dog was found in a city 240 miles away, then the owners visited their lost pet in the local shelter.

The video, in which we can follow a Siberian Husky named Ashley, has already reached 6 million views on the YouTube network alone. The dog ran away from home, and the owners almost gave up on finding her.

We Love Animals, YouTube
A few weeks passed when the dog was found in a place 240 miles away from home. The good people thought Ashley was a stray dog, which made her available for adoption at the shelter.

By chance, the dog's owners spotted a photo online of their lost pet. They went to the shelter the same day, where a wonderful moment of the reunion was captured on a camera. Definitely the scene that will make every animal lover's day better.
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