Man Buys Brand New Kia, Crashes After Few Seconds

The web has circled a video over the past month in which drama is not lacking.

The man had barely bought a new car, but his joy lasted only a few minutes. He made a fatal mistake on the first ride.

The video comes from India, and the man in it bought a new Kia Carnival at a car dealership. The joy, however, did not last long, as the man experienced a big shock after a few minutes.

As he drove the vehicle out of the premises for the first time, he slammed it head-on against a concrete wall. Airbags were also triggered during the collision, but fortunately all passengers carried it away unharmed.

The driver spent 3,400,000 Indian rupees for the vehicle, which can be converted into around 45,000 US Dollars. Without a doubt, a day that the unfortunate will remember for all eternity.
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