Man Captures Cougar Encounter, Wild Animal Stalks Him For 6 Minutes

These days, a video recording of a strange encounter in the mountains of the US state of Utah has spread online again.

There, one of the hikers recorded a close encounter with a cougar on his mobile phone, and luckily for him, he took off his whole skin from the wild animal.

The video, published online by the user Cougarkyle, has attracted a lot of attention from Internet users - the scenes have already been viewed by more than 9 million viewers on YouTube alone.

A cougar or in other words, a mountain lion or a panther is a mammal from the cat family, which belongs to the beasts. This large solitary cat needs larger areas for its life than any other mammal in the west. It is a very skilled predator, but rarely attacks humans except when it feels threatened.

The man who encountered the cougar wrote next to the video that there were cubs nearby - that's why the female showed her protective side and tried to attack the man several times, but he reacted correctly when he walked backwards away from the wild animal. Look at what a scene a hiker in the US state of Utah experienced.
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