Man Desperately Clings To His His Runaway Boat As It Takes Off Down The Street

A video from a surveillance camera came online from Caringbach, Australia, which captured a real little drama. The owner of the boat returned home, and then disconnected the trailer on which the boat was.

As the road goes down there, the heavy trailer with the boat pulled the driver along on the street.

After a long day at sea, the owner of the boat arrived home, and there he completely exhausted tried to disconnect the trailer. To his misfortune, the slope on the road took care of a real little drama, as the trailer, together with the boat, began to move.

He grabbed the trailer with all the power, but he could not stop it anyway.

Take a look at what drama the owner of a boat from Caringbach, Australia, had been experiencing these days when, after a long day at sea, he returned home and disconnected the trailer.
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